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12-Person Economy Sewage Treatment Plant

Suitable for up to 12 persons, the Clearwater Economy sewage treatment plant uses the well-proven aerobic biological process. The treatment process takes place in three stages;

  1. Coarse solids are filtered and retained for gradual breakdown.
  2. The resulting liquid is continuously distributed over a plastic suspended filter by an integral lift, powered by a remotely sited blower.
  3. Finally, the solids are allowed to settle and under normal domestic conditions, treated water of 20mg/l BOD, 30mg/l S.S., 20mg/l Ammonia can be achieved

To match your site topography two standard drain invert levels are offered, and if required an internal pump is available to move effluent from the point of treatment.


Type Sewage tanks
Vendor Clearwater
Tags 110mm-perforated-single-socket-pipe, 110mm-single-socket-pipe

£2,320.00 GBP £2,784.00 inc VAT

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