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The Microflex range of insulated flexible pipes are suited for a variety of applications, such as heating pipes, Sanitary water, and as a conduit for transporting other fluids. 

The corrosion-resistant inner pipe is manufactured from cross-linked PE-Xa (with an oxygen diffusion barrier for heating appliactions, ensconced in thermal, elastic, CFC-free foam insulation with an outer casing of corrugated HDPE.

Available as an Uno Pipe (a single insulated pipe), Duo Pipe (Double Insulated Pipe), and Quadro (double insulated heating pipe, with a sanitary pipe & a circulation loop).

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    32mm Microflex Primo Duo Heating Pipe Kit

    Double, flexible, pre-insulated, self-compensating, underground pipe especially suitable for heating water, but also for (hot) potable water, wastewater and other fluids. 32mm Microflex Primo Duo consits of two PE-X transport...
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