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Graf Carat-S House Eco-Plus RWH System


A complete Rainwater Harvesting System from Graf suitable for greywater use. Complete system includes:

  • Carat-S Tank with Telescopic Pedestrian loading Mini PE Lid (Green)
  • Filter Package consisting of Internal Optimax-Pro filter (self cleaning), Inflow Stilling System for controlling the water inflow, Overflow Siphon, Rodent Guard and Spannfix Connection Sleeve
  • EcoSmart consisting of self priming diaphragm pump with three way water supply switch, quick fit & tool free connections
  • Floating Water Extraction Unit
  • 12m Roll of Pressure Hose


Graf household packages include the patented Optimax-Pro filter which delivers a water yield of over 95% and requires minimal maintenance. In addition to this the floating extraction unit ensures very high water quality by extracting water from the cleanest zone – about 10 cm (4") below the water's surface.

The Graf Eco-Plus System features an electronic control unit that checks and regulates the entire operation - when the rainwater tank level is low or becomes empty, the EcoSmart unit automatically switches to mains water supply until the rainwater tank is replenished. After this it automatically switches back to rainwater supply, ensuring that a minimum of mains water is used during longer dry periods.

This system's diaphragm pump saves energy by using 85% less power, and is Solar capable using 24-volt technology.

For Carat-S Tank dimensions, please click here

Type Rainwater harvesting
Vendor Graf

£2,285.00 GBP £2,742.00 inc VAT