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Round downpipe system designed to complement the straditional styling of both 112mm Roundstyle and 115mm Deepstyle Guttering. Diameter  68mm Combine with 112mm Roundstyle Guttering or 115mm Deepstyle Guttering.
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    68mm Round Black PVC Downpipe

    68mm diameter PVC gloss finish round downpipe. Plain ended. Colour Black Length 2.5m or 4m

    Downpipe Connector (68mm Round PVC)

    Coupler for jointing lengths of 68mm Round PVC downpipe.

    Downpipe Bracket (68mm Round PVC)

    Double fixing bracket for 68mm Round PVC Downpipe. It is recommended that downpipe brackets should be used at centres NOT exceeding 2m.

    92½º Downpipe Bend (68mm Round PVC)

    92½ degree bend for 68mm Round PVC Downpipe.

    112½º Offset Downpipe Bend (68mm Round PVC)

    Use two of these 112½º bends to return down pipe to your wall. Use a cut length of down pipe in between, depending on your soffit depth.

    Rainwater Head (68mm Round PVC)

     Hopper head for the collection of rainwater with a 68mm Round outlet. With 2 fixing points. Overall Width 274mm Depth 136mm Height 176mm

    Downpipe Shoe (68mm Round PVC)

    Directs water from downpipe into a gully.

    Downpipe Branch (68mm Round PVC)

    Branch with 112½º spur to accept 68mm Round PVC downpipe.
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