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3500 Litre Utility Fuel Depot

Suitable for the storage and dispensing of Diesel or Biodiesel including FAME being compliant with the requirements of BS EN 590:2009 and BS EN 14214:2008 including up to a 93% Diesel and 7% biodiesel mix. Not suitable for the storage of dispensing biodiesel at concentrations greater than 7%.

Complete with Integral 230 volt pump, 4 metres of hose with Automatic Shut off nozzle, Mechanical gauge and SpillStop overfill prevention valve. 10 Micron Water and Particulate Filter fitted as standard. 

Capacity 3500 Litres

Diameter 2120mm (84")  Height 1750mm (69")

Footprint 2075mm

Flowmeter available to suit.

IMPORTANT: All mains powered Atlas Fuel Depots must be connected and maintained by a suitably qualified electrician inaccordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 10 micron filter as standard on all Fuel Depots.
Atlas Tanks reserve the right to void any warranty claims, where Fuel Depots are used for the storage of biodiesel, which contain mixes in excess of 7%.
If you have any queries on the use and storage of biodiesel, please consult our office before purchasing.

Type Diesel Dispenser
Vendor Atlas

£1,665.00 GBP £1,998.00 inc VAT