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Polystorm Soakaway Crate

Use these crates to create a soakaway, instead of filling a hole with hardcore. 

Soakaway crates can be linked together to to form a structure of any shape or size to hold water from roofs and land drains. The outward facing crates should be wrapped in a geotextile to stop and contamination from soil that would lead to clogging in the system. Each crate can holds 190 litres water and should be used for every 10 m2 of roof space to be drained. Use 5 crates to form 1 cubic metre. The crates are interlocking and have knockout sections for pipework to run into the soakaway.  

Can bed used in both residential and commercial developments, and are suitable for light traffic areas. 

Dimensions 1000mm x 500mm x 400mm 

Type Underground fittings
Vendor Polypipe
Tags ekotex-non-woven-geotextile, septic-tank
£36.00 GBP £43.20 inc VAT

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